Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Days Remaining

Just when it felt like we had moved to Poland, we are actually starting to envision the end of the trip. We now have (depending, of course, on multiple pieces of the puzzle falling into place) 10 days left in Poland. In the next 10 days we need to do the following:

1) Obtain the final adoption order from the court in Gliwice
2) Obtain Klaudia's revised birth certificate
3) Obtain Klaudia's Polish SS# with her new name
4) Get a US Embassy Approved doctor to do a routine medical exam
5) Get Polish passport and US visa photos
6) Apply for and receive Klaudia's Polish passport
7) Do the US Embassy intrview and obtain the immigrant visa

It is all pretty routine, except that Klaudia's Polish passport can take a few days, a week or more. In the last couple of months, the country "upgraded" the Passport processing technology which, as with any "upgrade" means at least a temporary lack of efficiency. Two months ago it was taking 2-3 weeks. One family that we know of last week got their passport in 1 week, and there was an intervening holiday. We are hoping for 1 week which will mean we will leave on Saturday September 5.

In the next 10 days we hope to continue to enjoy the city, buy a few mementos and explore a bit more. We are planning on doing the zoo one day, and possibly the Warsaw Uprising Museum, along with plenty more visits to parks, old town, and cooking kielbasa and pasta (yes, she eats both!) .

The city is truly amazing. Warsaw is cosmopolitan, a contrast to Krakow which has more older buildings and was relatively unharmed by WWII. Because Warsaw was so damaged, it has taken that opportunity to modernize and become quite an international city. The people take pride in being Polish, even though that has meant being under others' rule at various points in relatively recent history. I could write pages on the people, sights, sounds, smells, food and the hustle that is Warsaw. Perhaps I will do that in the next week or so as we begin to say do widzenia.

I will say that I have an entire new respect for my Grandfather's heritage. One that I wish I had when he was alive.

Here are a few recent photos:

"Sprinkler" still works


Klaudia doing a Blog post

Dad and Klaudia at the Chopin Monument

Klaudia watching mom and dad drink wonderful and beautiful lattes at Green Coffee

First playground activity beyond watching the other kids

Klaudia is doing great. She is crawling a lot, and walking with help quite a bit. She is drinking out of a sippy cup just fine and has mellowed out on a lot of her food issues. She knows who mom and dad are, and is trying to figure out if there are rules in this new environmnet. Despite wanting her to be happy and do whatever she wants whenever she wants, we do say "no" when she reaches for an electrical outlet, stove, etc., and we laugh at her petty whining over our taking things like pens away. Our biggest issue is sleep. We will get there, but right now, she despises the crib. We won't fret too much about establishing routine until we are home though.


Shelly and BJ said...

Fabulous post and pictures. I can't believe how much Klaudia looks like you. Enjoy your last week and a half in Warsaw. You would probably also love the Jewish and Catholic cemetaries (amazing) and Wilanow. We were able to squeeze Wilanow in the last couple days we were there and we were so happy we did. People call it "Little Versaille"

I am sure you are on countdown mode and can't wait to get home to start being a family in your own home. I definitely remember the feeling. Still, I cant' wait to return and am so jealous that you are there. Again, enjoy your last few days.

Jeff and Debbie said...

Great attitude Jen. We found in Poland Kasia and Bartek fought bedtime every night, but now that we're home and have established a routine, everything is working out beautifully. Enjoy your last few days!

Lee and Martha said...

Better Keep an Eye on Klaudia! In That second to last picture, I think Klaudia is saying....."I want a beautiful latte too!" Ha! By the way, that does LOOK FANTASTIC! I am a coffee drinker and I wrote the name of the place - Green Coffee. Check and Noted!
Enjoy your time!

kelly said...

Wow! What cute pictures, I love the sprinkler one :-) It's hard to believe you've been gone so long & the end is in sight. It can be a bit nerve wracking, not knowing if everything will work out exactly at the right time, but just trust that it will! So glad to hear that Klaudia is doing well!


Even with some of the challenges, it sounds like you all are making great progress together! I love the pictures and recognize many of the sights -- only you definitely have the better weather -- we viewed the Chopin statue in the snow :)

Enjoy you last days in Poland.

C Speh said...

Good luck on getting your passport quickly!!!!

Just a note on sleep. Our daughter wouldn't go near the crib in the apartment in Poland. The only place she would sleep was in our bed, in the middle. Each night she had to be reassured where each of us were. The first night home I asked if she wanted to sleep in her bed or our bed. She at first said our bed, but could see her room from ours. She looked at our room, and then her "cute room" and decided instead to sleep in her room. She has slept there every night since we have been home. Tonight was the first night that she went to bed in her bed without being rocked to sleep first. So - my guess is that it just takes time.

Good luck with it. Love the pictures - especially the sprinkler picture:)

James and Melanie said...

Love the pictures and the great big smile! She's beautiful! Her poor neck! We'll see you soon as we're moving in a day!