Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She Is Home!

We are home! OK, so this is way overdue. I don't even think I posted that we were leaving for Poland! Well, let's just say things are different in preparing to travel when we already had a child, as opposed to the first time around when we had more time to update the world on our progress. Also, there seem to be more privacy concerns now that Poland is a Hague adoption country, and we did not want to post pictures or provide any identifying info on a public Blog until after all was final, we were home, etc.

We traveled to Poland in early May, we finalized the adoption of little Marta on June 4, and made it home on June 29. 53 days in country, for those keeping score. It was wonderful, challenging, and memorable all at the same time. We were fortunate to have my parents come for a couple of weeks too. Marta is a very sweet little smiley girl. Her hugs, smiles and laughs are priceless. We just look at her in amazement and thankfulness that she has brought so much joy to our lives. Big sister is doing so well too and is very proud of her new role.

We likely won't keep up the blog. Feel free to email or find me on Facebook to connect about adopting from Poland, adopting in general, parenting an adopted child, etc. We are very proud of our two journeys, and always happy to talk about them. More than that, we are very proud of our sweet angels who were miraculously placed in our care. We endeavor every day to help them grow to be caring, compassionate, self-sufficient, strong, and happy young ladies. Thank you for following us, for your comments, your reading this Blog, your support, and encouragement.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waiting to Bring Her Home

Long time no post, eh?  In October we traveled to meet our little girl, M. We had a wonderful trip.  K was a trooper on all the travels, and was a superstar big sister when we met M.  We are now waiting to return to bring M home.  In the meantime, we get to have weekly contact where we call the orphanage, get a brief update from the director, who speaks English, and then she puts the phone by M's ear so we can talk to her.  Once in awhile we hear her breathe, and last week we even heard some giggles.  We are also getting K's room ready to house two girls.  We got M's bed, and are making our other bedroom a "playroom" to house books, toys, art stuff, etc. 

We are not sure on exact timing, but are hopeful to go back in a month or two.  This wait, after meeting her, is certainly even harder than the long wait for a referral.  But once we go back, at least we know it will be forever.  :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's a Girl!!

That's right!! We have been matched with a beautiful little girl! 

Needless to say, the three of us are thrilled.  Now we wait for a first trip to go see her and give her hugs. 

Her birthday is coming up later this month.  It would be awesome to be there with her...but we fear that travel won't happen that fast.  In any event, now we know who our little one is and we can further prepare our hearts and home.

p.s.  When we told K it was a girl, she jumped up and down and said "Yay! I don't like boys anyway."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am overdue to post something, but there have been no developments on the adoption front.  We have been waiting for some time, so it must happen soon, right?  Klaudia is looking forward to becoming a big sister.  We are thrilled with anticipation to see the face of our next child.  And we are excited to go to Poland again. 

All in due time I suppose.  It is never on your own timing, is it? 

I wish there was something we could do in the meantime (i.e., get a room ready, get clothes, etc.).  But not knowing age and sex is a bit of a challenge to that.  We could always work on some Polish. 

For now, we continue to enjoy our days as a family of three.  We go to work, school, we have made some commitments to be healthier, we are playing lots outside, we are considering looking for a newer/bigger house, and we are super excited for our summer vacation to Wisconsin, including Lake Geneva and then Polish Fest in Milwaukee.  Underlying everything we do though is the thought that our little one is there, somewhere, in Poland. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Polish Fest 2012!

Polish Fest
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June 15-17, 2012

Will we see you there?  Let us know if you can make it, it would be fun to get a group together!  For more info: http://polishfest.org/

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012? How did that happen?

Hi all! I have nothing profound, cute, witty, or even informational to post. But I just wanted to say HI and Happy New Year!! We are still here, and still awaiting being matched with Klaudia's little bro or sis.

The holidays and 4th birthday were great -- a very busy time! Klaudia is all 4 year old now, and we are impressed and amazed every day at her growth, wit, and plain old cuteness. I know everyone thinks their child is the most amazing child, but mine really is. ;-)

Here is a photo of K at her school holiday program, and a photo the morning of her 4th birthday.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where Are My People?

The other day while driving to school, Klaudia asked me, "Where are my people?" I knew exactly what she meant. But instead I said, "Your people? Well…that is your family. Mommy, Daddy and Klaudia, we are family, and we are each other's people." She responded, "No, I mean my other people." Well now. It had come back to me, the times she asked about her jewelry box, kitchen magnet, and the angel on her wall, when I had said, "Those are from Poland, made by people from Poland, your people." Now, I said that in the most light-hearted affectionate way (months ago, by the way). But it really stuck.

She followed with "And my brother or sister is in Poland?" "Yes," I smiled, "just like you, your brother or sister was born in Poland." "I want to see her," she responds. "Me too." "I want to go there," she whines. "Me too." "How do we go there?" Fair question. "Well, when it is time, we will get on an airplane. Mommy, Daddy and Klaudia will get on an airplane and go to Poland, and stay there in a hotel with your brother or sister." I continued, "We will spend time together, and see lots of places in Poland, then we will bring your brother or sister home to Klaudia's house forever." "Forever?" she questioned and laughed. "Yes, because we are family." She was quiet the rest of the drive, but went happily to school after giving lots of kisses.

No real news to report on the adoption. We remain in the waiting stage. We have begun the process of updating our homestudy and will have to redo our immigration approval. Ah well.

We are very much excited for fun holidays this year. And Klaudia is excited for her 4th birthday that is around the corner too. She has already asked for about 100 things for her birthday!