Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know you think I've forgotten about this blog. But I haven't! Here's a brief update on the latest.

Our homestudy is virtually done. Everything has been completed on our end. We understand that preparation of the report is in progress, and we hope to have it in hand any day. That will be a great step!

As soon as that is done, we will immediately send it to the USCIS for their processing of our I-600A. (The petition to make our "orphan" a citizen). That can take a couple of months. Right now, according to the USCIS website, they are currently processing applications dated May 15. That sounds like 3 months, but I know people who have said it has gone faster.

While the immigration stuff is processing, we will complete the last couple of items for our dossier, and get the apostilling done. I will update our checklist on this site soon.

I've been hearing of quite a few families uniting with their children in Poland recently. Some have just returned home, some are there, and some have travel dates. It is very exciting! Congratulations to those families. You are a great encouragement, and we know our day will come too.