Friday, August 7, 2009

A Few More Days in Krakow

It is kind of crazy to think that now we only have a few more days in Krakow! Although we have been here for 10 days or so, I feel like we have barely scratched the surface.

We did venture to the Wieliczka Salt Mine yesterday. It is an incredible labyrinth of hundreds of kilometers of mining passageways. It had been worked for about 900 years until pretty recently when it was retired in favor of tours only. The sites are amazing, complete with sculptures, caverns, carvings, and recreations of some of the technology used over the years.

The tour was supposed to be 3.5 hours or so, and we perfectly timed it before lunch and naptime. However, 3.5 hours was Polish time, and that really meant 5.5 hours! One of the hours was spent waiting in line outside in the pouring rain. We just huddled under our little umbrella until our tour was called. It was slightly miserable, but eventually worth it.

Klaudia did great on the tour. She was (rightfully) a bit frightened by the mining elevators, the dark passageways, and the massive groups of people. Thank goodness for snacks and a baby carrier! All in all, we were glad we did it, but we need a day or two off before undertaking the next tour/adventure, which will likely be Auschwitz.

Other than the tour, we have been on many more walks and to more parks. The city isn't the most kid-oriented, but wherever there is a fountain, usually some families follow.

We had our visit with the social worker on Wednesday, August 5. It was about an hour long and Klaudia was great! She was reserved at first, and quiet and clingy, but opened up a bit and stacked her stacking cups, threw them, clapped, and talked a bit. The social worker talked about Klaudia's improvements and attachment to us, and her sleep and food habits. She seemed impressed with her progress. Since the social worker saw us and Klaudia in April, she could see the difference herself. Magda said it all went well, and she will be in touch to discuss next Tuesday's court hearing when we will be official!! Then the plan is to be in Warsaw for about one month before coming home.

P.S. Klaudia is doing better with Daddy - As I type, she is sitting in his lap eating her favorite chocolate hazelnut yogurt.
P.P.S. She still hates bottles and sippy cups. We are still doing the straw thing, but are headed back to the mall tomorrow to buy every other sippy cup option that we haven't tried yet!


kelly said...

What great pictures! It sounds like things are going terrific! Enjoy your last few days before moving to Warsaw. There will be many more parks & playgrounds to explore there :-) Our 2 year old didn't drink much the whole time we were in Poland. I think he was just filling up on food :-)I remember the great yogurt too!

Jeff and Debbie said...

Jen, we just love, love, love the close up of you and Klaudia! You look so relaxed and comfortable together. If you're interested, when you get to Warsaw send me an email ( and maybe we, Melanie's family and yours can meet at the zoo. I'm currently trying to arrange a day with Melanie.

Safe travels!

C Speh said...

Have a good weekend.

Hope you find a good sippy cup/bottle. One thing I got that seemed to go over well is some children's "herbata" tea. It is in the kids food section in a columnar tube. I got the kind that was good for 1 month old. Just granules that you mix with warm water. I noticed the container at the orphanage so I thought I would try it to help her with transitioning food. I asked Magda about it later and she said, yes that one is good for digestion. Might be worth a try.

Good luck with the court date.

James and Melanie said...

Don't spend to much money on sipppy cups. We have about 4 different kinds and he won't even consider them. We are still working with the straw concept, but he really struggles with the sucking part. At least he puts the straw in his mouth! What do you think about Debbie's idea? Sounds like fun! You are much more brave than us. Our little guy is very active and acts starved whenever he sees food.(although he pretty much was starved when we got him) We have yet to take him anywhere to eat! Keep in touch!

Shelly and BJ said...

I love hearing about your time in Poland and seeing the amazing pictures. What A LOVELY FAMILY!!! I am just so happy for all of you. Klaudia is SOOOOOOOO precious!

James and Melanie said...

How did court go! I can't wait to hear about! It's so exciting knowing that she will be yours today! Congratulations! Did you ever visit Auschwitz? We wanted to go, but that would be a long trip from here, especially with our little guy!

Jeff and Debbie said...


If your family isn't too tired from the transfer from Krakow, we're going to be meeting Melanie, James & BJ on Thursday at 4:00 and then go to Old Towne. E-mail me at my personal email for details (, if you're interested. We can let you guys know where some of the things around Warsaw are for little ones.

Welcome to Warsaw!

Sherry said...

Your blog really keeps me going! It seems like 1 step forward 2 steps back with all this paperwork. Though we are at long last having our home visit on Sunday.

Looking at your pictures reminds me that it's all worth it. Klaudia is beautiful. I loved the sprinkler story.

Best wishes from a future (hopefully not too far in the future) adoptive parent adopting from Poland.