Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where Are My People?

The other day while driving to school, Klaudia asked me, "Where are my people?" I knew exactly what she meant. But instead I said, "Your people? Well…that is your family. Mommy, Daddy and Klaudia, we are family, and we are each other's people." She responded, "No, I mean my other people." Well now. It had come back to me, the times she asked about her jewelry box, kitchen magnet, and the angel on her wall, when I had said, "Those are from Poland, made by people from Poland, your people." Now, I said that in the most light-hearted affectionate way (months ago, by the way). But it really stuck.

She followed with "And my brother or sister is in Poland?" "Yes," I smiled, "just like you, your brother or sister was born in Poland." "I want to see her," she responds. "Me too." "I want to go there," she whines. "Me too." "How do we go there?" Fair question. "Well, when it is time, we will get on an airplane. Mommy, Daddy and Klaudia will get on an airplane and go to Poland, and stay there in a hotel with your brother or sister." I continued, "We will spend time together, and see lots of places in Poland, then we will bring your brother or sister home to Klaudia's house forever." "Forever?" she questioned and laughed. "Yes, because we are family." She was quiet the rest of the drive, but went happily to school after giving lots of kisses.

No real news to report on the adoption. We remain in the waiting stage. We have begun the process of updating our homestudy and will have to redo our immigration approval. Ah well.

We are very much excited for fun holidays this year. And Klaudia is excited for her 4th birthday that is around the corner too. She has already asked for about 100 things for her birthday!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Polish Fest?

Who's going?? WE ARE!! Will we see you there? I've never been to Milwaukee before, let alone Polish Fest, so I'm super excited. Even better will be meeting families that have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Poland.

In other news...4 months waiting done. While it is possible a referral could come any time, we expect some more months of waiting. The waiting isn't too painful (yet), but I am starting to want to do something...buy something...prepare in some way. That is just super hard to do since we did not specify male/female, and we don't even know if he/she will be in a crib or a bed. Ah well -- we should be spending time learning some Polish (or at least refreshing the little we have learned).

We recently got back from a trip to California - we had a blast with my parents and Klaudia was a trooper going to wineries, seeing Bodega Bay, and exploring some kid-friendly and some not-so-kid-friedly sights. I think her highlights were the swimming pools, the Dora Easter basket and eggs from G&G, the orange mini-van rental, a Spongebob DVD, and the cats at Preston Family Winery.

We had a great Easter with Ryan's family and enjoyed hunting for eggs and opening thoughfully put together Easter Baskets - we'll have treats for quite awhile! I'm glad spring has sprung. We have been enjoying the nice weather and being able to be outside. Klaudia is much better at her tricycle now and she LOVES playing with the neighbor kids.

Hope everyone is having a nice spring! Klaudia is looking forward to exploring new places in Milwaukee...and she is an expert traveler now...

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Ready to Hear Some Good News.

It doesn't have to be my news, but I want to hear someone's good news! It would make my day/week/month to hear about one of the waiting families I know to accept a referral! I'm ready to start living vicariously through someone's journey. So...who's it going to be?

All is fine with us. We had great holidays and Klaudia had a great third birthday. She is very proud of being three. She moved into her big girl bed, and is getting very good with the potty. Winter is in full swing and Klaudia has been asking "where did the grass go?" Yeah...we hope to see it in March...lol.

On the next child front, we do not expect any news for several months. But nothing is predictable in the world of international adoption! :-)