Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waiting to Bring Her Home

Long time no post, eh?  In October we traveled to meet our little girl, M. We had a wonderful trip.  K was a trooper on all the travels, and was a superstar big sister when we met M.  We are now waiting to return to bring M home.  In the meantime, we get to have weekly contact where we call the orphanage, get a brief update from the director, who speaks English, and then she puts the phone by M's ear so we can talk to her.  Once in awhile we hear her breathe, and last week we even heard some giggles.  We are also getting K's room ready to house two girls.  We got M's bed, and are making our other bedroom a "playroom" to house books, toys, art stuff, etc. 

We are not sure on exact timing, but are hopeful to go back in a month or two.  This wait, after meeting her, is certainly even harder than the long wait for a referral.  But once we go back, at least we know it will be forever.  :)