Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5150 Miles to a Sister or Brother!

I haven't posted in forever...so I thought I would make up for it with some VERY exciting news. We are going back to Poland to add to our family! Klaudia is going to have a brother or sister!!

We are doing everything essentially the same as last time: same country, same agency, same homestudy agency. We are close to finishing our homestudy and are off and running on the paper chase. It feels a bit easier the second time around. The paperwork is basically the same (although we were I-600 before and are I-800 now), but we know what to expect now. We wont have everything to Poland for a few months at least (need to finalize the homestudy, get immigration approval, finish dossier, etc.) Oh, and we are not specifying boy/girl - leaving that one up to the powers that be!

Meanwhile...we are enjoying our time as a family of three. You'll see some photos of Klaudia below. She is just blossoming! She is talking so much, she is walking and running great, and she sings too (she gets the "Hairbrush Song" stuck in hear head and will occasionally burst out with "oh where, oh where oh where...brush!"). Klaudia is doing well with school and they teach her so much every day.

She is also very much a two year old, is discovering her independence, and is learning how to express herself (read she is learning to say "NO" a lot, is testing us, tells me I am "naughty" and to "sit down", etc.). She goes through spurts of clinginess, but overall she is much more confident that we aren't going anywhere. I can now do some things around the house or kitchen without her screaming for me to hold her.

Klaudia's been loving the warmer weather (with the exception of the week or two our A/C was out). We got a water table that she loves, Grandpa A put a swing up in the backyard, and we head out on walks and local adventures in the evenings and weekends. That girl can go-go-go and will push herself to the limit!

On the wing of Marikay's aiplane in Santa Paula, CA (note the pink and purple stripes - she is so cool!)

In Grandpa California's lab

With Dad and Mickey (she is over her fear of soft things!)

With cousins on Easter

I will try to blog more and keep everyone up to date on Klaudia and the next addition. I haven't even thought yet about a new timeline, countdowns, etc. One day maybe I'll spruce up this Blog a bit.