Tuesday, August 19, 2008


OK, so that horoscope was optimistic, but not entirely true. Ah well!

Every post lately seems to be about waiting. Well, maybe because that is what we are doing! We are impatient, that is clear. We are hoping that the call comes today, and we have hoped that every day for the last four months or so.

While the call could come today, it could come next week, next month or next year. More likely than not, it is going to take more time and very potentially into 2009.

While we wait, we want to be sure we are not wishing away our time together. The preparation and anticipation need to be enjoyed as well! So, I think we need to continue to make concerted efforts to have things to look forward to, especially ones that we would not easily be able to do once having a child.

So, here is my preliminary list (posted without spousal collaboration so it is subject to amendment) of things we want to do this fall:

1. A getaway weekend in September or October,
2. Lots of fall football Saturdays and Sundays with friends and beer,
3. A movie or two in a real live movie theater,
4. A nice dinner at a great tapas restaurant we know,
5. Miniature golf on the real grass course in town,
6. Serious sleeping-in on the weekend,
7. A nice long bike ride, and
8. Lots of grilling out while the weather is still nice.

OK, that is a good start. I'm sure we will be adding to it.

I will admit that while just briefly brainstorming about things Ryan and I can do this fall, things popped into my head like "research daycares and schools" and "look for kid's room furniture." But the point is to have a lot that we want to that doesn't involve waiting. I think there is plenty to look forward to and enjoy while in this part of our lives.

I will leave you with this quote by Jonathan Swift:

"May you live all the days of your life."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will the Stars Be Aligned?

I recently posted about a Catholic saint. Now I am posting about astrology!

My cousin recently pointed out an interesting horoscope for me this month. (Thanks fellow Libra Donna!). Believe me, I do not generally believe these, let alone do I look at them. But this one is a good one! Apparently there is a full lunar eclipse on August 16, 2008. The following is the August Libra page from Astrology Zone.

"Should this eclipse emphasize a child, you may find out that you're pregnant or if you or your partner is expecting a baby soon, the baby could easily arrive within five days of August 16. If you have put in an application for an adoption, you might hear that you are about to become a parent this month. Exciting! "

If it comes true I may start believing!