Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 Things About Klaudia

1) Hates anything soft (blankets, stuffed animals, etc.)
2) Loves to people watch
3) Hates the sun and the wind, but loves the rain
4) Barks at dogs
5) Sleeps through loud thunderstorms
6) Throws right handed...and hard
7) Sings in the stroller
8) Makes you earn a smile from her
9) Hates to sleep because she will miss something
10) Has very happy parents :-)

Things have been good this past week. Last Thursday, we were fortunate to meet two other families who have recently adopted from Poland. One of the children, B.J. (parents James and Melanie), is only 3 days older than Klaudia! You can see a photo below of them meeting. B.J. is so friendly and outgoing, such a smile!! Klaudia was shy, but has managed a couple smiles for the family since the meeting. It was also great to meet the other family, Jeff, Debbie, Bartek and Kasia. The kids are so great - and so loved by their parents! With the small number of children adopted to the U.S. every year from Poland (somehere around 80), we were truly happy to have been in the position to meet these folks! We expored the Old Town a bit, had traditional Polish food, ice cream (it is mostly like very good Gelato here...yum!!), received some provisions from Jeff and Debbie and family who were leaving the next day, and shared our experiences as new parents.

Today we checked in at the US Embassy and got "into the system" to facilitate Klaudia's immigrant visa processing in two weeks or so. Right now the ETA in Omaha is September 5. Below are a couple of recent photos. Note Klaudia's use of a sippy cup (yay!).


kelly said...

Adorable pictures, love the 2 sippy cups!! Hope everything continues to go smoothly & you get home as soon as possible :-)

mom said...

Well, I would love to see Klaudia's 10 things about my parents list!!

Lee and Martha said...

Way to Go Klaudia and the sippy cup!! I think the connection you had with all the adopting families in Poland is simply wonderful and so memorable! It boggles my mind that everyone connected through their respective blogs but met Miles Away from Home!!
Thanks for sharing your story! It's a beautiful one to follow!

Jeff and Debbie said...

Congrats Andrew Family! May everything go smoothly and you make it home as scheduled.

James and Melanie said...

Love the pictures! Especially the sippy cup! BJ drinks his the same way. What's with the leg thing? His legs are always like that even in his high chair! Also, you'll have to email me the picture of the two meeting. It looks so cute with BJ giving her his hand. Almost like a peace offering! He actually looks gentle!

C Speh said...

I like that sippy cup picture as well:) Hope all is going well and that you do get to be back in Omaha on the 5th!