Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Order is Final

As of Wednesday this past week, the adoption order is final and no longer appealable. Klaudia is officially, fully, finally and forever ours!

Because of the order's finality, we were able to obtain Klaudia's birth certificate with her new name and a Polish social security number. Yesterday we submitted the application for her Polish passport. This week we also completed Klaudia’s immigration-required medical examination by a doctor on the embassy’s approved list. At this point we just need to receive her Polish passport then we can go to the embassy for the final immigration “interview” to receive her immigrant visa, and then home it is! Cross your collective fingers that we receive her passport on Wednesday or Friday of next week. That should ensure our September 5 return.

We continue to enjoy our days in Warsaw. We met another family who has just adopted a little boy from a town a couple hours north of Warsaw. He is an active little three year old guy, and Klaudia was really motivated to try to keep up with him. We went to their apartment the other day and, although she was shy and clingy for about 10 minutes, she was off and crawling and laughing and following him and his 5 year old brother around the apartment. She wanted to walk so bad, but at least crawled a lot, wanted to be near them, throw their toys, and just laugh. It was like a little breakthrough for her. When we got back to our apartment, she wanted to walk (with help) so much. She would stand and grab my hands and just take off into each room and turn around and go to other rooms. Then she stood in front of a full length mirror and just admired her tall self. She has been wanting to walk more and more since then. So, thank you boys for the encouragement!

Klaudia is no doubt getting a little bored with just Ryan and me. She needs kids around in a bad way. I know she spent her days, and nights for that matter, around other children, and to be mostly only with us, has to be a shock to her system in many ways. We try to get to parks daily, but it isn’t the same because she can’t really get up and run around and play with them like she could at that apartment with the other family. But at least she has some hours of at least observation and minimal interaction.

When we are home in a week (crossing fingers), she will have her cousins Keaton and Kaylee – yay!! We are thrilled for her to meet our families, and for our families to finally meet her. We have been showing her photographs of her cousins and grandparents – it probably isn’t sinking in, but maybe there will be at least a little familiarity there.


kelly said...

Wow! Klaudia's already grown so much!! Sounds like she had a blast visiting the boys. Hoping everything works out perfectly & you are all home on the 5th!!

C Speh said...

Hooray! So nice to be one step closer to coming home. It is very interesting to watch them learn and grow in just the short time since you have known them.

Does the other family you met have a blog as well? Would be interesting to follow since we have our little 3 year old as well.

I hope your get your passport soon. We were told they only processed the new social security numbers on Tuesday and Thursday - so watch for some movement on those two days.

Shelly and BJ said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! Have a safe trip home!

Jeff and Debbie said...

Wahoo! Here's keeping our fingers crossed and wishing everything stays on track so you can go home on the 5th!

Klaudia is so beautiful and happy looking!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer!
I finally figured out how to post a comment. Klaudia is such a beautiful little girl. It is so wonderful to see her smiling in her pictures now!
I've been home sick for a few days so I finally started our adoption blog too. I don't really know what I'm doing yet, but you are certainly my inspiration for starting it.
Enjoy your last few days in Poland. I hope you have a safe trip home.