Thursday, February 28, 2008


No - I'm not giving you names that we are considering (yet). But I will say that I am thinking about them!! We are still convinced that we will wait and see what his or her name is before inflicting our idea of a cool name on another human being. If he or she has a name that would likely avoid being beat up on the playground, we will consider keeping it (or its American counterpart.) However, if it is something hardly prounouncable by others and not easily translated, we will likely explore alternatives. I will say that I am a fan of good old fashioned Catholic names.

Here is an interesting tradition. Wouldn't this just be frustrating to family and friends! This is from a Blog called the Iceland Report:

In Iceland, babies' names usually remain under wraps until the child is christened in church. That's when the name becomes public for the first time. It's a big unveiling, akin to when Rod Roddy used to yell "a new car!" on The Price is Right. Before the baby has her "day in church", the parents use a nickname between each other and with their friends and family. This nickname will be something like "kríle" (small thing) or "stubbur" (stumpy). Last year I made the mistake of asking some friends what was the name of their new baby, and they glowered at me. (She's since been christened Júlía Jökulrós, or Julia Glacier's-Rose.) But to new parents the innocent "What's the name of your baby?" is a question best left unasked in the Land.



Jessi said...

Ok...I think this is good because we got soooo much judgement from people regarding us changing the names.

"oh you are changing their names?" with a judgemental tone...ohhhh I hated that. I would tell them when you adopted three kids from a foreign country you can keep the name Pat-tree-zick or odd-ree-ohn or Da-weed. Go my guest!

Michelle & Chris said...

I know what you mean. We have said that if we do not prefer our child's name in Polish we will consider changing it. It depends alot on their age and if it will effect them. But it is better to keep it to yourself. People can become judgemental. My husband and I decided to wait for the referral. We have names in mind..but that all can change when we get our referral.

Our dossier is in Poland being translated too! It's being really exciting, scary, and surreal! Enjoy!