Friday, February 15, 2008

Hmmmm....Now What?

OK, so the ball is in their court. Now what do we do? Wait patiently, I suppose. But what if we are not patient? Well, I guess we have to learn!

There are always things we can do around the house, and there is more reading to accomplish on bonding, attachment, parenting, travel, etc. I'll tackle that a little at a time. This is the perfect time to prepare ourselves. I should come up with a list of topics on which to post (i.e. bonding, attachment, language, travel, names, etc.) and then periodically assign myself one of those topics to research and blog. I do essentially research and write for a living.

I know our dossier probably isn't even translated yet, but I am starting to really get excited. There is a child out there somewhere who will be a part of our family, and that is a crazy concept to grasp!

After years of infertility, can this really happen?


Cousin Erin said...

How do you prepare for a child of any age? Have they given you an age range to expect or are you supposed to be flexible?

Jennifer Andrews said...

We are generally listed as being open to a 0-3 year old, from what I recall. But we've heard of older children being placed too. We will see!

Jessi said...

I know it is going to happen soon. I also remember the excitement of sending off our dossier...we sent ours in April and got a referral at the end of July. We think that it was a "tester" referral, but it still felt good to know that we were being will happen before you know it! I can't believe we have been home with them for almost 6 months. You will never be fully prepared...and why should one who is pregnant is fully prepared!

I am praying for you! I think we need to set up a little website for adoptive parents...where we can commune and rejoice and complain if we have to!