Friday, February 1, 2008

We've Sent Our Dossier!

Last night we sent our Dossier to our Agency! I've got a picture of the stack of papers, I'll try to post that later.

We had received our last authenticated documents back on Wednesday, so on Thursday we piled it all up, copied it and sent the originals to our Agency! It felt a little surreal to let it go. I kept thinking that after all of that work, it comes down to one stack of paper? It didn't even look that big!

Our understanding at this point is that our Agency will be putting it in the proper format and will attach anything else they need to, and then send it to Poland. It will then be translated and we will need to be generally approved by the court as parents who can adopt.

It still feels a little unreal that we have actually sent the Dossier. We still somewhat anticipate that something may still need to be changed. I can't image what though, because our Agency has already looked through it all and we corrected the couple of issues that existed.

I'll report back when I hear from our Agency. But essentially, we are officially waiting!

(P.S. There is another secret meaning to 5150 that I will post soon.)


kelly.eason said...

Congrats on this BIG milestone! I am using the same agency, and I'm currently in Warsaw finalizing everything! Good luck to you!


Yeah!!!! How exciting! Now find lots of fun things to do to help the wait go by :) At times the wait may seem unbearable, but I can promise you it WILL be worth it!

bcwaring said...

Great job getting all the paperwork done. Keep copies of everything - you just never know what may happen. Life as a "couple" will end quicker then you know it and it is the best! Well worth all the effort and struggle. Happy day!
Cherie Waring