Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dossier Copies Off to Agency!

Yay! We got our I-800A approval. We made copies of everything and today have sent a set of it all to our agency. We await their approval or changes before apostilling everything. Still looking good for sending everything to Poland by the end of the year (if not much sooner!).

Klaudia seems to be excited about having a sister/brother...although she has no clue what that really means. She sometimes holds her baby doll and says she is feeding her little sister or is sweet. It will be challenging and traumatic in some ways (isn't it for every sibling who becomes the co-center of the universe instead of the sole-center?). But it will be awesome for her in so many ways - more love, more sharing, more caring, more family, etc. Also, the girl hates to be alone, so a sibling is instant companionship (she may learn to love being alone, lol).

I truly cannot believe that we are almost "waiting" again!


Heidi said...

Congratulations!! Yay!! I am so happy for you Jennifer! You are SO close! Lina was really quick to get back to us about the changes we needed to make with our dossier (it wasn't much.) Our dossier copies arrived on a Friday and she let us know Monday about the changes. Hopefully you will be able to do all of your apostilling next week! You will be waiting with us very soon. How exciting! How sweet that Klaudia is so excited about having a sister or brother. She is lucky that she will be so close in age to her sibling. Molly too is really excited about having a sibling.

kelly said...

Congrats on being so close to waiting again, exciting!!

Tom and Kara said...


Shelly said...

WoooooHooooooo! Klaudia will be such a great big sister.

The Rzentkowski's said...

Hi Jen,

Does it seem easier this time around, knowing what you know about the process? It seems to be going so much faster this time.

I'm so happy for your family, and can't wait to hear about K's new sibling.

Merry Christmas, Debbie