Monday, December 20, 2010

We Are Officially Waiting!!!

It really is unbelievable - but we are now officially waiting!! We have completed our Dossier. Everything was reviewed and approved by our agency, each notarized document was apostilled (approximately 40 of them!), and it is out of our hands now!!
On the right is a photo of our Dossier copies. It doesn't look like much, but it is!!

I'm so excited to have this done before Christmas. It feels like the biggest Christmas present to ourselves. we go into the painful world of waiting and wondering and hoping and praying. I already know it will be "easier" this time around because of the joy our little girl gives us every day. If a referral comes sooner, that will be wonderful, but if it comes later, well, that is just more time Klaudia has to grow, be more confident, move into her big girl bed, use the potty more, be more willing to eat new things, touch new things, wear new things, etc. All around, if we wait for a year or more, she will only be more ready to handle the shock of a sibling.

When we ask Klaudia if she wants a brother or a sister, she says "I want both." Unfortunately (for her), that won't be possible this go around. We have only had our home study and immigration approval be for one child! If she wants "both", she will have to hope we are crazy enough to do this again one day, or she can hope for a biological miracle, lol.

We have not specified a preference on sex, and we really do not have a preference. People ask us if we would prefer a boy since we have a girl. That would be great, but so would another girl!

I am SO excited for Christmas and Klaudia's 3rd birthday is on the 29th!! She has already been singing happy birthday to herself - cute!!

Have wonderful holidays all!!


Heidi said...

Congratulations on officially waiting!! I am so happy you have joined us in the waiting club. I love the picture of you and Klaudia. Your gingerbread house looks great. Molly also says she wants a brother and a sister. We have requested a boy this time around. Maybe a sister will come along after that. You never know. I know how you feel about having the dossier in before Christmas. It is such a relief to be done with that part. It definitely feels like a Christmas gift to ourselves. Congratulations! 2011 will be an awesome year for all of us!! Maybe we will meet in Poland.

The Rzentkowski's said...

Oh my gosh Jen! I hadn't realized how big Klaudia has gotten until seeing this picture! she's turning into a real little girl, adorable! 3 already? How did that happen?

Merry Christmas, Debbie

Lee and Martha said...

Congratulations! and Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! You just might be crazy enough to go back a 3rd time! I may be wrong, but I would imagine that the wait the 2nd time around would be easier since you are VERY occupied with a sweet little girl. Congratulations on being official and Happy Birthday Klaudia!

Jennifer said...

SHE is so cute!

I agree. I didn't specify gender either because I didn't care, and I figured if it were a pregnancy I wouldn't have an option. Of course now that I am getting two boys, I feel like I might have no clue what I am doing. ;-)

James and Melanie said...

Oh Wow! This is such exciting news! And my has Klaudia grown up! She looks "almost" like a big girl already! She'll be a fabulous big sister! Too bad we couldn't be there with you for the 2nd go around. It just won't be the same without us there! LOL! Maybe by the time we're ready to do it again, you can be on your way to a family of 5! Hey you never know what the Lord has planned! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Klaudia!

Shelly said...

I am so happy that you have your dossier complete and in Polish hands. You are right. The longer it takes the more time you have Klaudia to yourself and the more time she has mommy and daddy to herself. You have a great outlook. The picture of the Gingerbread house is just adorable. What a wonderful big sister Klaudia will be.

C Speh said...

I don't think I knew that Alissa and Klaudia shared a b-day as well. She is turning 5 on the 29th. Good luck waiting and have a Merry Christmas.