Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Used to Waiting

I had to post before I let this Blog go a month in silence! To be consistent, I suppose I can address the topic of the year: waiting. Ah...I believe we are getting used to it.

Every time the phone rings I still think it could be the call. Every time I drive home I think Ryan may tell me that he just talked with our agency. Every time I look in the empty bedroom in our house I think one day it will be filled with a little person and lots of stuff. And every time I hear of someone getting a referral or finding out they are pregnant, I get a little jealous and cranky. I should be a little better at focusing my energy on learning more Polish, reading more on adoption and parenting and fixing up the house.

So...long story short, the wait continues. No news yet. We remain in contact with our agency and we are not yet in danger of any of our paperwork expiring.

Ryan and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary this past weekend. We went out to a great dinner and really enjoyed the evening together. Five years has gone pretty fast, but has been awesome. He is a great balance to me. If it weren't for him, I may have made some not-so-responsible decisions in my life. I think he would say the same about me. In other words, separate we would be a mess, but together we are superstars. Besides that, he is my absolute best friend and we have so much fun together.

We are very excited about the upcoming holidays. We are headed to California in ten days (yes, we are counting) for a week over Thanksgiving. We are even going on vacation while we are on vacation (yes, you read that right), and are doing a wine tasting trip with my aunt and uncle and parents. Thanksgiving will be at my parents and it will be great to see everyone.


kelly said...

The waiting is so hard!! I think you're doing great :-)It's hard to remember that this time last year I was also waiting. You really don't know when the call will come!

James and Melanie said...

I know what you mean about waiting and we really have just begun! I hope you get that call soon! We're rooting for you!

Debbie said...

From one waiting mother-to-be to another....hang in there! Before we know it our waiting will be over.

Future Parents said...

From one former-waiting and soon-to-be-mom - Hang in there!

Cherish the time you have now. Read all the books about raising internationally adopted children.

Learn Polish.

Spend valuable time with your hubby. Read all the books you wanted to read and didn't have time.

Start making lists NOW of everything you will need to buy before you go to Poland, while you're in Poland and after you return.

Start making a list of things you'll need to do before and after your trip.

Make a list of things to pack.

Make a list of questions to ask the orphanage/foster home about your child's favourites and what he/she were like.

Start working on the basics of the Lifebook.

Start preparing the album with your family photos.

My husband and I are in panic mode now because we wasted valuable time not learning Polish not doing half the things I mentioned above. I know - silly. But stressful nontheless. We leave in two weeks!

Don't despair. One day you'll be posting the same comment on someone else's blog.

TNjoy said...

I have been following along for a while and am looking forward to following your journey to a beautiful baby.

Thank you for sharing your journey!