Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Minor Blog Changes

I just made a couple of changes on the blog:

1. I changed my age to 34. Thanks to my family and friends for the sweet cards, generous gifts and good wishes. Ryan and I had a fabulous dinner complete with flaming baked Alaska, we hung out with his family at the pumpkin patch (which is more than your average pumpkin patch), went shopping and watched football. 34 sounds like a pretty uneventful birthday, but for whatever reason, it was a pretty good one.

2. I changed the pictures. We really should make more efforts to take some photos. I tend only to like the ones where I hold out the camera and take them of ourselves. This one was from our vacation to Oregon/No. Cal. this past summer.

3. The to-do list. OK, I've not made any changes to that yet. But I looked at it. Man, we accomplished a lot! It is crazy to go from being so busy doing all of those tasks to just waiting. I wish there was something more in our control, but we are a bit helpless I suppose. I thought about revising it to include more to-dos that will eventually be necessary. There will be quite a bit more to add once we do get a referral. But how do could one possibly list out everything you do to prepare for a child?! Well, there will be some distinct tasks related to the adoption and once I figure out what those will be (procedure in Poland, U.S., immigration, etc.), then I will post that too. Perhaps I will have a separate list for Poland once the time comes.


kelly said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a good one :-) I think a separate to do list for Poland would work well. There's really not anything to do to get ready for that list. Keep busy, your call will come when you're not expecting it!!

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday is on October 14th , so I have to say 33 now! We are very close in age. It will be crazy busy when you get the kiddo or kiddos! I would say just keep on praying!