Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Hello faithful readers, and Happy October! Isn't October the best? It is the beginning of autumn, the leaves are changing colors, Halloween is coming up and right around the corner are the holidays! To top it off, I have a birthday (my 34th) this month.

Know what would make this time even better? Some good news! But alas, none to report today!

We remain in contact with our agency who reports that there are no developments. I imagine (and I base this on nothing in reality) that there is a pile of families' dossiers sitting on a desk in Poland (remember this is completely imaginary), and the longer we wait, the more families are matched and the closer we get to the top of that pile! Our only problem is, we just don't know how big that stack was when we were put on the bottom.

Now, I am sure the truth is that there is no pile and no getting in "line" so-to-speak. There is probably no formula and no organization to it all. I have heard of some families get referrals after a couple of months, and some wait close to a year. I (being the optomistic person that I am) had hoped for the couple of months side of that equation. Ah well!

Hopefully the fact that we have been waiting for nine months (no pun intended here...just the facts) means that the chances are only increasing that it will come sooner than later.


CarrieJ said...

I hope so! You guys have been so patient and are going to be such good parents. I'm waiting on pins and needles. Maybe a Thanksgiving gift in the making?

Rock said...

Can't wait for you to hear some good news...and wait to hear some good news about your good news! How is that for dizzying intellect?!?

James and Melanie said...

Keep the faith! We're anxiously waiting with you! I'm counting on your time line to be similar to ours, so the shorter the better!