Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hi All! No updates yet...we are still patiently waiting.

In the meantime, I think the best way to spend waiting time is to go on vacation!! So, on Friday we are headed out for a week of sightseeing, road tripping, dining, wine sampling and adventuring. We are flying to San Jose and will spend the week heading up the coast with the final destination being Portland, Oregon.
We will spend the first couple of days in Napa and Sonoma, then a day or so exploring the redwoods in Northern California, then see the coast of Oregon (Bandon, Coos Bay, Tillamook, Astoria, etc.) and finally have a day or two in Portland. We will be in Portland for the 4th.

We are finalizing all of our plans, but have the plane, car and most hotels already booked. We are completely looking forward to the break from work and the time together. Ryan and I road trip very well together...it will be a blast. There is so much we want to do, but we will want to balance it with a little relaxation too.

So, that is our biggest news for now!! We hope to have more news soon.

I've been studying my Polish, and have finished 4 of the 8 lessons in the CD set that my mom sent. I have all the words down from the lesson, but if confronted with actually having to speak in Poland, I may be slow and have stage fright.


CarrieJ said...

So, I'm going to be in Portland for the 4th and my parents are ditching me to go to some wedding (boo hiss) and I'm on my own on the 4th at the hotel (no car). Care for a fireworks date?

Jessi said...

Hang in there...we submitted at the end of March 2006 and got first referral July, 2nd referral Novemeber and then final accepted February 2007.

Have fun on the vacation...keep practicing your Polish, I wished I knew more when I was there, even if it was to eavesdrop on the mothers at the park.


mullett said...

Wow! Half way through Polish!

You are awesome, as always.