Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How long?

How long are we going to have to wait? Yeah, wish I knew the answer to that one. Sometimes I feel like we could get a call any day, and then sometimes I feel like maybe they forgot about us and we will have to re-do everything! The waiting has been going OK - but our patience is being tested!

When I feel impatient I just need to do the math again:

Our Dossier was sent to Poland on February 5, 2008, but it was to take 2 months or so for translation and authentication. So that would put it at about April when we were good-to-go and be matched. Well, since it is June now, that means we have really only been waiting for 2 months! I should touch base with our Agency to see how the process is going and get their thoughts on timing. I just don't want to be a pest.

We are still hopeful to receive a referral any time this summer. But who knows!?

The waiting is tough...but we are having a nice summer. Work is busy for both of us, but manageable. We are planning a summer vacation around the 4th of July. We have held off on booking anything, pending any "call", but will probably book something by this weekend. We have no idea where we are going yet, but it will be somewhere fun!

Other than that, I have been learning (or at least trying to learn) my Polish. I have mastered "Excuse me, do you speak English?" I can say that to a man or a woman. I can also say "I do not understand Polish very well," "I understand a little Polish," "good day," "goodbye" and "I am American." My friend Carrie suggested that instead of the last phrase I should learn "I am Canadian." Good idea!

Hope everyone is having a nice summer!


kelly.eason said...

Yes, the waiting is hard! Don't hesitate to call the agency just to say, "we're here, what's happening?" I called every month, then every 2 weeks, then for the last 3 months I called weekly! Try to enjoy your summer :-)

Chuck Mullett (Jen's Dad) said...

Canadian might be good! Many years ago Mom and I were in London at a pub, and the barmistress accused me of having a Canadian accent. I'm sure it rubbed on you, so you will no doubt sound credible!



mom said...

Mom says call. At least you will feel like you are doing something.
Love you both!

CarrieJ said...

Just say "eh?" a lot and you'll get the Canadian thing down. I agree with your mom - give 'em a call. It can't hurt anything to call once and it'll make you feel like you're participating in the process.