Friday, November 16, 2007


OK! Homestudy report complete! We are officially unstuck! (insert applause here).

As of today, our homestudy agency in Nebraska has officially completed, finalized and printed out our homestudy and sent it to our main agency. That agency will attach its certification (they've already reviewed the report) and send it to us so that we may send it to Citizenship and Immigration (CIS) for processing.

Right now it appears that CIS is taking about 3 months to process these petitions. Ours could take more or less time, who knows. With the holidays in there, I imagine it could take longer. Somewhere in this processing time, they will schedule us to come in for fingerprints. We have had fingerprints done for our background checks and homestudy report, but these will be for the federal government, and they have a special requirement and set an appointment for it.

After CIS is done, then we can finalize our paperwork (dossier) and have it sent to Poland.

At this point, it feels like we are moving again. We can get going with those last few loose ends for our dossier while immigration is processing. I also will have a new answer for people when they ask "how is the adoption going." My new answer will be, "immigration is processing our petition." I can deal with that one for a few months!

I'll be sure to check in more on the Blog though. I know how you rely on me as a source of information (and as a distraction from work, etc.).



Love the picture :) Will be praying that the CIS is quick to process paperwork during the end of this year and things start moving a bit quicker.

CarrieJ said...

Yeeeeehaw! That's so great. I'm going to send energy into the universe for low volume immigration requests so that your's moves to the top as fast as possible. Yay!