Thursday, May 24, 2007


Ryan's Grandparents gave me this card on Mother's Day. How sweet!

It had not even crossed my mind that Mother's Day had anything to do with me. But I suppose it does! I guess it is like we are pregnant. Although, instead of morning sickness I get papercuts. Instead of being tired and having a sore back, I get documents notarized and suffer pains in understanding all of the requirements we must follow. Instead of frequent doctor visits, I have trips to the bank to get documents notarized and visits with a social worker.

But it is all good! One day (soon, I'm sure) I'll allow myself to indulge in the fun stuff like thinking of names, clothes, furniture, hugs, car seats, pediatricians, day care, play dates and being called mom.

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Mrs. L said...

Yes, these are the pains one experiences - ours are heart pains, rather than physical pains.

We have a seperate email account for communicating with our facilitator, and I have to check it every morning. It was like wanting to get pregnant and starting my cycle 350 times before that referral came.

You are already a mom - you just don't know to whom yet!