Friday, May 4, 2007

Happenings this week

A couple of happenings this week. Most importantly, we made our doctor appointment. We will both go in at the same time for our appointments and hopefully get all our tests and the exam done in one visit. Our doctor has a notary in the office and will fill out the forms and send them back to us within days. Glad we will soon be able to check that one off our list.

We've been working on other items for our dossier as well. We need notarized letters of child abuse and criminal clearance. I've sent in letters to the appropriate agencies along with return envelopes. Hopefully we will get those soon. After that, we need to take some pictures of us and the house and finalize our references.

I still think we are on track to have the dossier on its way by August 1!

Other than our adoption, there are lots of happenings in our lives right now. Most importantly is Ryan's sister, Jessica. She is having a difficult time right now. We love her so very much and know she will be better soon.

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