Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Our agency got our agreement and has signed it and sent it back to us. Also included is the I-600 and medical and reference forms. The homestudy soon to follow. I'm sure I'll be reporting as we get things sent it and checked off our list.

So, I've been trying to figure out what to give up for Lent. I know I don't have to give anything up - and there are plenty of years when I haven't - but I want to get a little closer in touch with the Catholic inside of me. I could give up some food, drinks, etc. But I think I want to focus on actions more than that. First, I've decided to give up road rage. I know that sounds odd. The truth is, I drive fine - generally just over the speed limit, I signal my lane changes and turns without fail, I am very aware of the cars around me, I plan ahead, etc. My downfall is a**hole drivers who speed excessively and don't signal. My adrenaline gets pumping and I feel like I want to block them out of my lane, or teach them a lesson or something. So I will speed to block them out or otherwise plot to foil their next move. I realize this is dangerous and stupid. So, 40 days of consciously avoiding that behavior should do me some permanent good. Other than that, I really should do something else - perhaps food related, work related? I'll come up with something.

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