Thursday, February 8, 2007

The beginning of the paperwork

OK - We've only just begun the myriad of paperwork, but I need to vent already. Our agency (who is very professional and experienced and I trust their process) requires everything be notarized. The contract with the agency requires 8 signatures by both of us, and each of those must be notarized, then they want 2 notarized copies of the agreement. Then, the notary block is super long, there is lots of info that has to be included.

I guess I understand it, but it makes it a bit difficult. There is a gal at my work that can notarize things, and I will be asking her to help, but this will take some time and I want to catch her when she isn't busy. Also, our bank notarizes things for free...but again, this will take quite a long time. I guess I just need to enlist their help then thank them with Starbucks gift cards or something!

As a status update - as soon as we submit this contract with payment, we will be delving into the homestudy, immigration and dossier arenas. I believe our first step will be filing the I-600A with the Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services. This is to begin the process of receive approval to bring an orphan to the United States with an immigrant visa and then obtain citizenship upon entry into the U.S. Then we will begin the homestudy with a Nebraska licensed homestudy agency. This will involve a variety of background checks, social worker visits and interviews, and who knows what else. It is involved in every adoption, domestic or international. All the while we will be working to gather all of the materials required for the dossier. The dossier is the packet of paperwork that will be sent to Poland. So, my little notary complaints are extremely minor compared to the adventure ahead!

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