Friday, February 16, 2007

Happening this week...

Well, this week we sent in our Agency Agreement along with a large check. Writing and sending this check made me feel like this is about to become very real. We are definitely committed now! I'm excited to be off and running with the whole process. I'm even quite organized. I've got this great pink and brown expandable plastic file folder with over a dozen slots and I've filed our stuff under their appropriately labeled sections. I should be so motivated and organized at work.

The next step will be to do the I-600 form and send that puppy to Immigration Services. Then the home study. Once the form is sent and the home study started we will start to tell people and it will be even more real!

We've not yet told our parents. For this reason, we've not yet told our friends and work places. It has been very tempting to talk about it, especially with Jen & Quinn, but we really need to let our parents in first! I think I've written this before, but the plan is to do that when my parents come out here in March - three weeks from today. We're trying to think of how to tell them. Do we tell my parents first? Or his? Do we do something cute? Tell them over a toast?

I don't want to sit them down and make it all serious. I don't want it to be about fertility issues and I don't want it to be about me.

I like the toast idea. I want it to be something to celebrate. Perhaps that is the best way. Have Ryan's parents over when my parents are here. Break out some cool champagne that I have. And toast to the new grandchild who will be traveling a long way to join our family!

I do have a fear that my mom will be surprised and think we should have worked on our fertility issues a bit more. That's ok though. I have been talking with her about every dr. visit and diagnosis over the past year. (Although I've been dealing with fertility stuff for the past 3+ years). I have not given them much warning, so this may be a bit of a shock! That makes me lean towards telling them separately from Ryan's folks. We'll see though. I know everyone will be happy for us and supportive.

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