Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What to Pack?

OK - the countdown is on. We leave in 10 days! Packing for this trip won't be quite the process as the next trip. But we want to make sure we're covered. So, in addition to our normal clothes, toiletries, camera, etc., we are bringing:

-A stuffed animal to leave there
-Plush photo album to leave there
-Set of 4 soft/interactive blocks
-Plush apple with caterpillar and animal toys to put inside

I think our visits will be relatively short (1 or 2 hours) and will just be at the orphanage, so we do not need changes of clothes, stroller, diapers, etc. We pretty much just need some activity items so when we are with K there is something to do other than just look at each other the whole time. (Which, incidentally, would be just fine with me). I think we have picked a couple of good ones, and depending upon space, I may bring one or two more.

Now I am trying to figure out what to wear. I know, it sounds silly. But this is a special occasion. It isn't a dressy dress special occasion, but to date, it will have been the most memorable and important moment in my life. I am thinking nice-casual, something I can be happy when I look back at pictures and something I can crawl on the floor in. Perhaps a shopping trip is in store for the weekend. I think after the first meeting it will be jeans and sweaters.


Lorraine said...

Congratulations! Don't forget the camera (sure you have that already packed!) and a polish/English dictionary (helped us when we were on our own in the evenings) and paper and pencil or a computer to write everything down. Also bring a tape measure. You will want to do some measuring to make sure you have clothes and stuff at home that will fit. This is so exciting. It may also be a good time to get some souvineers since your luggage won't be filled with kid stuff.

TNjoy said...

This is very exciting. Will you have time for a little sightseeing?

Consider bringing some snacks to break the ice....isn't there a saying about going through the stomach to get to the heart?

Have fun! I can't wait to keep reading your journey!

Jeff and Debbie said...

How exciting. Maybe while you're there you could pick up a children's cd of familiar songs. I look forward to hearing more about your preparations and trip.


Jessi said...

We wore comfortable well-made khaki pants, t-shirt, sweater and jacket. Layered because playing gets hot in the orphanage. We did an initial visit and we met them for 2 hours and then we had 2-3 hour visits twice a day for 3 days. Saying goodbye sucked.

We brought stuffed animals, a big bag with lots of toys, crayons, books, candy...they loved the bag!

We also got the address of the orphanage and we sent packages every week.

Some sort of photo album is perfect. Pictures of their room, grandparents, toys, animals, etc...

We brought the orphanage director a BIG bunch of flowers and yes they do want you to look nice and it is great for pictures.

Usually the orphanage will provide you with toys to play with.

Ask a bazillion questions and our orphanage had a psychologist that talked to them about us changing their names.

We were in Gliwice when we went. Prepare to tip your driver big...if it is Tom say hi for us!

I can wait to hear all about it!

Jessi said...

Oh...also we went to the bookstore in the mall and bought every Polish/English encyclopedia and dictionary we could find. We also bought movies in Polish and English, but they didn't work on our home DVD player.

Mom said...

Jen, As your mother,I am so very happy and grateful for the comments and support from your blogging friends. What an enormous blessing to have these people share their experiences and hope with you!

Jeff and Debbie said...


The 18th is quickly approaching and I just wanted to wish you a safe and joyous journey.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen and Ryan,
This is Terri, of Paul and Terri way out in GA now. Talked with Diane and she told me that you were headed out to Poland. I am so excited for both of you. I can only imagine the emotional feelings of excitement, joy and overwhelming need to just get there already. Can't wait to see the new family photos, Diane said she is very cute. Have a safe journey, enjoy every minute.

kelly said...

It's getting close! Have fun, take tons of pictures, and like Jessi said, ask a ton of questions!! Tom was also our driver, and he was great!

James and Melanie said...

Wow! This is so exciting! I can hardly wait until we get to this point! We have decided that we will except the next child regardless of age! We can't handle turning down any more referrals (even though the other two weren't "technically" ours). We are more than ready to get this parenting "thing" started! We are looking forward to reading about your trip! Our prayers are with you!


3 more days... can you believe it?!? Can't wait to hear about your journey. We wish you many blessings.

sarah said...

Thinking of you guys as you get ready to leave, and hoping all goes well!

Safe travels!