Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Poland

Hi all! Just a quick update...

We made it to Katowice today. We haven't really slept since Friday night, with the exception of an hour or two on the plane. That's the plan for tonight though. Big day tomorrow!

It is nice here. Spring is springing. The countryside was very interesting on the drive south of Warsaw. We have not seen much of Warsaw, and we likely won't on this trip. But there will be time for that one on the next trip.

The drive down to Katowice was an adventure with a motorcade of motorcyclists that makes Strugis look like an amateur parade. We also had pierogi and sausage at a very popular restaurant about halfway to Katowice.

On this trip we are being well taken care of and just have to show up and be brought to where we need to be at the appropriate time. The facilitator we are working with here took charge of our baggage situation (let's just say it didn't make the flight that we made and we were planning on having to shop for entire outfits for a 10 a.m. meeting tomorrow) and it was delivered to our hotel this evening.

Assuming we have an internet connection tomorrow (we are staying near our a.m. meeting but are moving hotels tomorrow to be closer to the orphanage), we will post some pictures.

So, you ask, what is going through our minds tonight? I mean, it is the night before we meet our daughter! Well, I think we are a bit nervous and are feeling some guilt for the impending change that we will be inflicting on her. Traveling this entire journey made me realize what an entirely different world she lives in. And she may really have only experienced one small corner of this side of the world. There will be a lot of firsts for Klaudia in the coming months. I only hope that we can introduce them to her as gradually as possible and earn her trust.

We will try to report tomorrow with details about our first meeting.


kelly said...

Congrats on arriving safely! I'm sure you're both exhausted and ready to meet K in the morning!! Good luck :-) I can't wait for the happy details!!

sarah said...

So glad you made it safe and sound to Poland.

Savor every moment! :)

Jeff and Debbie said...

How exciting!

Do you mind my asking how old Klaudia is? I only ask because our two children are older and I'll be following your journey very closely.

Enjoy your bonding moments.


James and Melanie said...

Wow! You're in Poland finally! I can only imagine how you feel! Keep us posted!

Jessi said...

Our first night was in Katowice too...are you staying in a really modern hotel? Is your guide red-headed??? If so tell her hi from Rick and Jessi Lane with the three boys and tell her we miss her!

Can't wait to hear all about it.


kelly said...

It's Tuesday morning in Poland, I hope all went well on Monday and you get to spend some quality time with K today!!

Speh travel 2007 said...

Good Luck! Hope the meetings went well. We just got back last night from Poland. Whirlwind to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer and Ryan,

I am happy to hear that you arrived safely. I hope that your meeting K for the first time was wonderful. I am sure it was. We cannot wait to be at this point. We are getting closer to accepting our referral. We are just waiting for a few more details. I wish you the best and I cannot wait to hear more about the meeting and trip in Poland. God Bless!


TNjoy said...

Congratulations!! I say this over and over.....we certainly don't know each other, but adoption is so beautiful and Poland has such a history! I am so very happy for you and wish you safe travels during this life changing journey.