Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guess what?

Ha! Still waiting. We expect to be waiting for months still. But at this point it is possible that we could get "the call" any day. I know our agency is looking out for us. They have recently assured us that Poland loves us because of my family's Polish heritage, because we are Catholic and because we are young. Yes, 33 and 34 is young.

There are some things we should really be doing including reading up more on bonding and attachment, and popping in that Polish language CD. We've been lazy about that, mostly because we have felt that we still have many months until a referral. But the fact is, a referral could come at any time, and the last thing we will want to do at that point is sit down and listen to a CD or read a book! When we get "the call", we will move into high gear and will need to prepare the room and prepare to travel and will only have about a month to do that (of course that can be subject to change depending upon the Polish court, etc.)

Admittedly, we are VERY excited.

I also wanted to pass on an interesting find we saw this past weekend at Costco. They had a stand with some gorgeous Polish pottery. These are hand painted pieces that have some very distinct colors and patterns. The pieces are very fun and apparently you can put the pieces in the oven, microwave or dishwasher! I don't know that I would though. My Aunt Bette gave us 2 great Polish mugs a few years ago. We use them every time we drink coffee. We plan on getting more pieces at some point. This site is similar to the pieces we saw this weekend: http://polishpottery.com/.

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Jessi said...

Well hang in there! I remember hitting that point and we were VERY lazy about the Polish language. Our Polish contact gave us a list of commands that I may still have, those are the most important :) I totally can discipline a room of three-year-olds in Polish, but give me an adult and I am lost!

Poe - Pawtch - Look

Chee-ho - quiet

poop - ah - poop

she-koo - pee

spock-we - calm down

You guys are very young, we were 32 and 31 when we adopted and they LOVED that we were young, Catholic, and we have VERY distant Polish heritage, but we assured them that we will carry on with Polish traditons!

Praying for a right referral for you the first time!