Thursday, October 18, 2007

Final Review of Homestudy

Yesterday, our agency sent us the draft of our homestudy report so that we could review it and suggest changes where necessary. The report is a solid 16 pages single spaced with 20 documents attached. We went through it last night, made a few changes and sent it back for finalization. They couldn't possibly want anything further from us, we have nothing left to give!

The report looks good. It makes us look like perfect, moral, financially stable, healthy, clean people who will be better parents than anyone in the universe. Now...a couple of those propositions are admittedly true, but not all of them! But I suppose a Polish court would rather hear that than hear "they will probably be OK parents, but I am sure they have no idea what they are doing."

One of my personal favorate parts of the report has to do with Ryan's family. Bascially, we had written a paragraph on each of his parents and his brother and sister. Well, they have added the following language: "[family member] is supportive regarding the adoption and accepts being a [grandfather/gradmother/aunt/uncle] to children not born to Ryan's wife." Funny. I can't imagine it being anything different.

So, now the report is back in our Agency's hands. Hopefully we will have the signed and finalized copies soon.


tony_nyc said...

it must be humbling to see your life laid out in black and white in front of you, sprinkled with someone else's opinion. just thinking about it makes me want to... clean up my house & get off my butt and finish the bazillion projects i've started.

Jennifer Andrews said...

Indeed! It really tries to portray us as perfect. And, while on some days I like to think we are pretty close, seeing the total picture on paper inevitably shows some bumps and bruises. Fortunately, those writing the report are on our side!

mom said...

This sounds to like the perfect opportunity to "shine it on" as they say. You may remember one of Dad's favorite quotes. It goes something like: "If one does not toot ones own horn, ones own horn may not get tooted". So brag on! And encourage those who are writing to do the same!

CarrieJ said...

Woohoo! I'm so happy to hear this. You deserve to have your horn tooted (as your mom said). By the way, you need to check some things off your blog checklist! Love you guys - rooting for you!