Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Homestudy and Dossier Progress

Well, hello there. Welcome September. How do the weeks and months fly so fast!?

A couple of positive steps in the adoption have taken place since the past update. We don't have our homestudy report yet, but we have been communicating with our homestudy gal and it is moving along. Last week we had a bit of back and forth on some issues to be addressed in our homestudy report.

Basically, Poland wants to know that we intend to maintain the child's heritage. There appears to be a concern that we will take said child, call him/her an American and live happily ever after without considering his/her Polish heritage. Well, that certainly isn't our intention. So it was good to put in writing that we consider it something to be very proud of. It was a good opportunity to discuss my grandfather's heritage and distant relatives that live there. I don't have current knowledge or contact with them, but it feels comforting to know that we can tell our child that we share his or her connection to Poland, at least to some small degree.

We also were able to say that we intend to return to Poland one day (or multiple times in the future), so that our child may visit the country and maintain and revisit the connection. Perhaps one day we would find occasion to meet and visit with my distant relatives there as well.

In addition to the homestudy progress, we continue to complete our dossier items. We have everything done with the exception of our Priest's letter of recommendation, our homestudy agency's license and pictures of us and the house. We rock! We'll get those last couple of things done and then have our agency make sure we did it all properly.

OK, now one positive item that is not adoption-related. I had my fantasy football draft last night (yes, I am a geek), and I drafted first! That has to be the first time ever that I had the number 1 pick. So, yes, I selected LaDainian Tomlinson. That is fantastsic because he is only the best running back ever. AND, he is a Charger. I hope I don't jinx him...

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mom said...

SO, don't they realize how many Poles have come to this country
(ie Chicago)and now are proud to call themselves Americans!! Your grandfather was one of them. Hmmmmm And doesn't owning Polish pottery count? Love, Mom