Monday, September 24, 2007


Changing seasons - I love it!! Isn't autumn the best? And perhaps this is our last autumn as an adult only household? One can hope!

Good headway on our homestudy report. We had a few changes to make and things have been rewritten, but I beleive that is coming along now. Hopefully our dossier requirements have not changed in the meantime - I should probably check on that!

I have had several comments about the last post. I thank you for your support and comments. I imagine some of you are surprised that I would be so open about such an intense subject. I suppose that I am just in a good place about it all. I also want people to know that they can talk about it - either to me, or someone else.

People who deal with infertility share a huge and powerful secret. But we don't need to suffer in silence.

OK - I'm going to lay off the fertility subject for awhile. Let's start talking about fun stuff - about kid stuff! More to come...

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