Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She Is Home!

We are home! OK, so this is way overdue. I don't even think I posted that we were leaving for Poland! Well, let's just say things are different in preparing to travel when we already had a child, as opposed to the first time around when we had more time to update the world on our progress. Also, there seem to be more privacy concerns now that Poland is a Hague adoption country, and we did not want to post pictures or provide any identifying info on a public Blog until after all was final, we were home, etc.

We traveled to Poland in early May, we finalized the adoption of little Marta on June 4, and made it home on June 29. 53 days in country, for those keeping score. It was wonderful, challenging, and memorable all at the same time. We were fortunate to have my parents come for a couple of weeks too. Marta is a very sweet little smiley girl. Her hugs, smiles and laughs are priceless. We just look at her in amazement and thankfulness that she has brought so much joy to our lives. Big sister is doing so well too and is very proud of her new role.

We likely won't keep up the blog. Feel free to email or find me on Facebook to connect about adopting from Poland, adopting in general, parenting an adopted child, etc. We are very proud of our two journeys, and always happy to talk about them. More than that, we are very proud of our sweet angels who were miraculously placed in our care. We endeavor every day to help them grow to be caring, compassionate, self-sufficient, strong, and happy young ladies. Thank you for following us, for your comments, your reading this Blog, your support, and encouragement.

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karen burg said...

Hello Jennifer - i would love to connect as we are just beginning our home study to adopt from Poland.

I am sure you are very busy. But, if you have time would love to chat or email.

Regards, Karen

P.S. I am starting a blog/website that ironically will be called 4080 miles (distance from Boston to Warsaw). :)