Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where Are My People?

The other day while driving to school, Klaudia asked me, "Where are my people?" I knew exactly what she meant. But instead I said, "Your people? Well…that is your family. Mommy, Daddy and Klaudia, we are family, and we are each other's people." She responded, "No, I mean my other people." Well now. It had come back to me, the times she asked about her jewelry box, kitchen magnet, and the angel on her wall, when I had said, "Those are from Poland, made by people from Poland, your people." Now, I said that in the most light-hearted affectionate way (months ago, by the way). But it really stuck.

She followed with "And my brother or sister is in Poland?" "Yes," I smiled, "just like you, your brother or sister was born in Poland." "I want to see her," she responds. "Me too." "I want to go there," she whines. "Me too." "How do we go there?" Fair question. "Well, when it is time, we will get on an airplane. Mommy, Daddy and Klaudia will get on an airplane and go to Poland, and stay there in a hotel with your brother or sister." I continued, "We will spend time together, and see lots of places in Poland, then we will bring your brother or sister home to Klaudia's house forever." "Forever?" she questioned and laughed. "Yes, because we are family." She was quiet the rest of the drive, but went happily to school after giving lots of kisses.

No real news to report on the adoption. We remain in the waiting stage. We have begun the process of updating our homestudy and will have to redo our immigration approval. Ah well.

We are very much excited for fun holidays this year. And Klaudia is excited for her 4th birthday that is around the corner too. She has already asked for about 100 things for her birthday!


kelly said...

What a sweet conversation from a sweet little girl!! Hopefully she will meet her brother or sister soon :-)

Heidi said...

What a sweet conversation. I hope Klaudia gets to go to Poland and meet her brother or sister very soon.

Laura and Brian said...

Such a sweet little one! Praying your referral comes soon and if we get ours too maybe we'll be there at the same time :) Hang in there!

Tom and Kara said...

What a sweet story. It sounds like Kaudia will be a great big sister.

James and Melanie said...

Isn't it amazing how a child so young can start to "pull the pieces" together? BJ's been bringing up bits a pieces about his history as well. Watching the videos, looking at the items in his room, pictures, have just recently been sparking radom qustions. It's neat to see, but I'm not sure I'll be ready for the tougher questions. Bless her heart! She's all ready to be a big sister! Been praying for you all! Thanks for the update!!

Brad said...

Hello Jennifer, this is the first time I have left you a message, but I wanted to ask you for some assistance. My wife Deanna and I are also in the waiting stage and have been now for close to 8 months. We started the adoption process back in September 2010. We are nearing the stage where we need to update our homestudy and other paper work and I'm feeling kind of lost on what to do. Do you have an advice for us on the paper work? How do you handle the waiting? It's such hard thing to do.
Thank you,

Jennifer A. said...

Hi Brad - Can you send me your email address? I'm happy to try to write and respond directly. You can send it to Jenniferlandrews@aol.com.

All my best to you in the process!!


Shelly said...

What a smart, smart, smart little girl. Wishing you a very short wait time so Klaudia can get to see her peep (aka brother/sister) in Poland.