Friday, September 4, 2009

All Done! Klaudia Is Coming to America!

The Embassy appointment went well today and Klaudia has her immigrant visa to travel to the United States. In other words, we are done and can travel and will make our flight on Saturday!! Here is Klaudia’s “all done” pose taken soon after we received her immigrant visa:

Klaudia will be a citizen upon entrance into the United States. That will be in Chicago on Saturday afternoon. After that, we fly home to Omaha and will be greeted by Ryan’s family and my parents – yay!! It will be so interesting to see how Klaudia reacts. She will be shy, no doubt. Who knows, she could be asleep and out of it. We’ll see! Either way, we are thrilled to go home to all of our comforts and begin settling in.

We now only have one more full day in Warsaw before our Saturday flight. I will say that, while I am thrilled to return home with my daughter, I can’t help but be sad that she won’t grow up Polish. We have taken her away from all she knows, including her country. Of course she will always be Polish and be a citizen. We will do our best to help her identify as Polish and embrace it as much as she wants. On the other hand, she will grow up in America. And there is certainly something to be said for that.

This is likely the last post from Poland. It is almost the end of the journey, and it is the beginning of our new one as parents. All the paperwork headaches, heartache, waiting and frustration are now starting to fade with every one of Klaudia’s smiles. We are blessed.

We’ll see you in America!


Julie Pfalzer said...

Woo Hoo! Love the addition of Neil Diamond too.

kelly said...

Congrata!! It's nice to have a whole day to not worry about any paperwork :-) Have a safe flight, I'm sure Klaudia will be interested in all the interesting things she sees on her journey home!

C Speh said...

Hooray - and right on schedule! Try to enjoy your flight home.

My son is a premier flyer on NW so I'll give you a few of our tips that we used to make it through our long flights.

First, bring more snacks than you think you will need. Have some chewy snacks (take off and landing). Flights are delayed and you may need them. Always get some water before boarding (but after you clear security) for a bottle/sippycup to use while taking off and before landing.

Second, try not to buckle her in the seat belt until they close the door. Kids that have never been "buckled in" don't like it for very long and I've seen airline attendants threaten to throw a mom off the plane that couldn't get her crying baby into the seatbelt.

Third, more distraction toys than you think you will need. They seem to go through them pretty fast on a plane.

Fourth, anything you can do to encourage sleep makes the trip easier on the kids.

Fifth, don't give the orange juice from the airplane snacks to the kids. For some reason the plane movement and the acid in the orange juice typically makes (at least mine) throw up.

Sixth, bring an extra set of clothes in case you have a blow-out diaper or they throw up. (I used to also bring an extra skirt and shirt for me that would fold up really small in-case it got on me. (I've used the extra clothes:) Also more diapers than you think you will need.

Finally, all else fails and she crys most of the flight buy a few drinks for the passengers around you and you won't hear them complain instead they will be nice and helpful. Of course that might only work on your US flight since beer and wine are free on the international flight.

Oh - if you tried everything to get the crying to stop on the plane, try a cold towel patting on her face and behind her neck. The sensation of cold and water seems to short circuit the need to cry and they become interested in the cold.

Good luck - Home Sweet Home!

Bette said...

She looks like she is saying, Enough already! - a very Firko saying! We are thrilled beyond words that your beautiful family is coming home. Can't wait to see her in person! Love CAB

sarah said...

What a fabulous feeling! Congratulations!!!

James and Melanie said...

You are so clever! I wish I'd thought of it first LOL! You've been in my prayers all day! Hope it all went OK! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

Shelly and BJ said...

Welcome Home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C Speh said...

You should be home by now! Welcome home. Hope the trip was uneventful and you have started overcoming jetlag.

Jeff and Debbie said...

I hope all went well and the three of you are home safe and sound! Welcome to America Klaudia!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop smiling for all of you!!! I truly can't wait to meet Klaudia and her parents...that is the two of you as "parents". And didn't it once feel like this would never happen? Yipee!!

Love you all,


Congrats and welcome home. Can't wait to hear how things are going.