Monday, July 6, 2009


Just a quick update - we are finalizing our packing list, finishing up Klaudia's room and doing things around the house (to prepare it for a little change). It has been fun going through her clothes and pulling out ones to bring. (It will be much less fun to pack our own clothes). It is tough to know what will fit her exactly - but we'll see! I'm trying to bring a combo of 18 mos to 2T clothes. We also got her a cute dress to wear for our court date when we will be "official"!

Hope everyone had a nice 4th!


C Speh said...

Have fun packing her clothes and getting ready. One recommendadtion is to bring a small tupperware(glad) dish with small bags of spices (a few tsps) of whatever spices you normally cook with, pepper, and baking soda/baking powder. You will be in an apartment most of the time and the spices are the hardest to get. If you include the baking power/soda you can easily make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. (With honey on top instead of syrup). People here are selling the fresh blueberries on the street, but I can't figure out how to buy the powder/soda. Then you will have a bowl for leftovers in the fridge, or a small bowl for Klaudia to eat from. I really wish I had done this before leaving.

Based on both our bonding and court date schedules we may only cross paths in Warsaw for a few days. We are tentatively scheduled to leave on the 15th of August. We'll have to keep in touch and see if that will work out. Good luck with the trip.

Adoptive Parents of Three said...

One comment on the court date: One of the adoption albums I've seen had a beautiful photo of the adoptive parents with the judges that presided over the adoption case. It was really nice to see it because it seemed like a great photo for the adopted kids of a very important moment in their lives.

We wanted to get a picture taken with the judges, but our attorney said it cannot be done.

My recommendation - ask for it. It's better to be turned down than to regret you didn't ask.

Also, take photos of all her caretakers before you leave. Those are images she may be interested in when she grows up.

kelly said...

It's getting close!! Such an exciting time :-)

sarah said...

So much fun to get ready!

I second the comment to bring your camera to court! I wish we had thought of that... And to take lots of pictures of caregivers, rooms, living areas, etc. I wish we had gotten more photos at the orphanage...

Jeff and Debbie said...

I third the camera comment! Our case was is a little different in that we had to leave our kids behind while we're waiting for our return dates. But we did give them a disposable camera to take back and take pictures of their friends and caregivers so that they have them for future. However, if this weren't the case I would have taken pictures while we were there.

Suggestion on the clothes, you won't need 1/2 of what you're probably packing for yourselves. I packed 1 weeks worth of clothes for our 3 week stay and it was perfect.

C Speh said...

In Krakow there is a great bookstore in the main square. I mention this because it has english books in case you want to get a new book for the flight home. We really enjoyed Krakow. The food was great, people nice, and the center shopping area probably has everything that you forgot. Beautiful mall at the train station.

Good luck deciding on sizes. Most of what I brought fit, but I had some issues with some shoes and a few strange sized 2T clothes. I'm going to leave what didn't fit with the orphanage for the other kids. We brought a duffle bag of clothes from our son for our first visit and this time we kept seeing his clothes going up and down the stairs:)


Jeff and Debbie said...

Well Mama, are you ready? We got our dates today and will be in Warsaw from 7/31 - 8/13. May we all (Melanie & James too) have safe travels as we each travel in Poland.

God Bless,

C Speh said...

Safe travels! Keep in touch while in Poland and maybe we can get the kids together.