Monday, March 16, 2009

We Got Some More Info on K and Are Still Waiting for Travel Info

As far as we understand, we can get more information about potential travel dates tomorrow, next month or any time in between. In the past, I think adopting parents got travel dates relatively quickly. I think now with some new international laws (thank you Hague Convention), there are additional steps in place that make this take longer. I know that Poland has instituted some new regulations to be Hague compliant, and that this has extended much of the process at all stages of international adoption. Most of these regulations have the purpose of preventing potential human rights' violations, black market issues, baby stealing, birth mother contracts, and other historically troublesome issues that have plagued international adoptions. I do understand that the regulations are for the protection of the children, and I appreciate that. However, isn't it in the children's interest to be placed in their homes? And, isn't it in the countries' interest to have the children placed in homes and no longer under the care of the state? Ah well.

So, long story short, we are waiting for Central Adoption Authority approval and I think also for a petition to be filed in K's region. Once that happens, we should be getting much closer to travel dates.

OK, other than waiting, we got some new information on K! When we received her initial information and referral last month, we asked some further questions about birth family, medical info and we requested updated physical statistics. We received all of that and it appears she is growing well!

Getting her information was encouraging and it was exciting to learn a bit more about her. Hearing more about her makes it more difficult to wait, but at least we know someone who is taking care of her was writing up answers to send to us! I guess it is some sort of proof that the process is moving in one way or another.

Note on the Blog. I am now leaning towards not making it private. I am thinking I will keep this pretty public, but not put too many personal identifiers and I will create an email list to distribute some pictures and more personal info. Those of you who have sent me your email address or indicated a desire to have access, I will put you on the email distribution list.

Hope all is well with everyone and that you enjoy Spring/March Madness/St. Patrick's Day!


kelly said...

This wait is so hard also! At least you have those pictures and someone real to plan for :-)

Lorraine said...

I thnk this is the hardest time! Your child has a name and maybe a photo and it's so real. I spent the time catching up on things so I could be free to spend time with the new child. You can order some frozen polish food on line, or make some of your favorite cassaroles and freeze them. You can also shop! But, remember you will want to keep her world small for a little while, so not too many toys. Though I did bring several new toys for the bonding time and the flight home. I introduced one new toy ever other day, and several for the plane ride.

sarah said...

So excited for you guys! I understand how hard it is to plan without knowing when you will get your dates... And I sympathize with Hague requirements! Everyone seems to be bobbling with the new procedures...

Anonymous said...

Are you under thew new US Visa requirements or the old ones? I'm curious if it is making a difference in timing. We are under the old Visa requirements (pre-Hague certification). We also have a referral in Poland and are hoping for travel before Easter. Good luck.

Jessi said...

It is the hardest and the easiest at the same time! You have focus on how to prepare, but your heart aches for this child that is yours now! I cried when we missed Austin's birthday.

We had to go visit them in March and then didn't get a court date until July! It was a long few months!

I am sending a prayer and my e-mail because I totally want to be on the e-mail list!


Adoptive Parents of Three said...

If you make your blog private, I'd love an invite. Post a comment on my blog and I'll email you my email address.

I highly recommend making the blog private. It makes it so much more comfortable when writing all your inner feelings about the adoption and knowing that only your family and friends can read it.

Good luck with getting the travel date. It took us two and a half months from the referral to the travel date.