Monday, February 23, 2009

A Call!

We got a call on Valentine's Day! Our agency informed us of a referral of a 13 month old girl. We received some photographs, background and medical information. We have been reviewing this all and considering as much as we can in making a decision.

Once we are done talking with our families and close friends, I will post more. So...stay tuned!!


Debbie said...

Jen, how exciting!

As you know these decisions are hard, especially if you have to say no. But I have great confidence in you that you'll know when the right child(ren) comes along. It will be the happiest day ever!

Good Luck!

Jessi said...

How exciting! We got our referral in February too! I am a little jealous of girls right now because the boys are so gross! In a good way gross...but still a little girl...***sigh...I hope this works out! Keep us updated!

Adoptive Parents of Three said...

Jennifer, I'm so thrilled for you! Your long wait is over. You must be so overwhelmed right now. If there's any questions you have, please email me!

kelly said...

Yea!! Congrats to both of you!!!

James and Melanie said...

How Exciting! I can't wait to hear more! You're in our prayers!

Jessi said...

I just read your post on and just wanted to let you know that our kiddos were in a Gliwice Orphanage which is the next town over from Katowice. In fact we stayed in Katowice the first night we were there because of lack of hotel space.

You may not know where you are going until you actually land, but we loved Katowice and double loved Gliwce. the orphanage was so clean and supportive and wonderful!

Let me know if you need any moral support before you go! We were FREAKING out when we got our first travel dates! I am so happy for you!!!!