Sunday, June 24, 2007

Task Oriented

This adoption process has become very task oriented. We basically just do the things we have to do, and then tackle the next item on the list. That is ok for now, but I know that lurking around the corner is a whole different world!

Extra credit points for you if you can figure out the dual meaning of 5150. The obvious side is that it is literally the mileage between Omaha and Warsaw. That in itself conveys the journey, the distance, and the difficulty we are faced with. But there is another significance to 5150. As a hint, I like the band Van Halen. It isn’t anything personal or especially meaningful – it is just something that the number represents. I know you are biting your nails with curiosity, so I will post the answer in a couple of days.

I want to say a special “hi” to my favorite brother, Kevin. Hey dude. Yes, I just gave you a “shout out” on the blog. I know you have been clamoring for a new blog entry for some time, so this one had to at least mention you. The truth is, I am very excited for you to be an uncle, and I wanted to put that in writing. I know you will be the coolest uncle to your future niece or nephew, just like you will be a great dad one day. :-)

OK, for those keeping score at home, we crossed off a couple of items from the list this week. We hope to cross off quite a few more in the next two weeks also! Stay tuned...

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Jessi said...

I love your checklist...I am so glad you are keeping your blog...I wish I would have had your blog to read when we started! Just to let you know that we are leaving soon and I will be updating our blog and e-mail (some of the more personal pictures and stuff will go on e-mail.) I think you are on our e-mail list, but I am not sure...let me know!