Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Coming Soon: The Home Visit

We've been in the "home study" process for a few weeks now, but next week is the official home visit (or at least the first one). This is when the social worker will come to our house to get a picture of what our living environment is like. So what do we do to prepare for that? Well, one camp says clean up and start childproofing. Another contingency says tidy up a bit, but look normal - have some normal clutter around. Then I've even heard tips like put coffee on, have a plate of cookies out, etc.

I'm pretty sure I know where I fall…right in the middle. I think there is something to be said for presenting a clean home that at least has the beginnings of childproofing. I don’t think that I will go around and put plastic covers in every outlet, put breakables on high shelves or childproof all low cabinets just yet. And I don't think I want to clean so much that it looks like we always live that way and will be intolerable of messy little people.

Perhaps a little tidying up, checking the smoke detectors and getting another fire extinguisher will be sufficient. Of course we will put away some of the booze too. And I'll put on coffee…but not do cookies. Seems a bit over-kill.

I think we are ready for it. I don't really have anxiety about it, just want to be prepared! Want to see an explanation of what they do in a home study? See Adoption at About.com.

We have our all-day adoption class this Friday. Time to get some education. I'll report in after that.


Mrs. L said...

As far as prepping for your visit, your right on target!

We found our case worker never asked about anything that we would have considered very important. (Our divorces and how we were going to avoid that in the future, how we are raising our daughters, etc.) He spent more time on things that are totally unconsequential!

Keep us posted!

grandpa Ron said...

just checking in