Friday, March 30, 2007

The Ball Is Rolling

We had our first homestudy meeting yesterday. We met with a social worker/therapist at her office for a little over an hour. We went over a lot of the paperwork for the homestudy including their application, background check forms, releases of information, etc. Then it was basically a session questioning us about what drove us to adoption, how we are dealing with infertility, what we are doing to prepare ourselves, etc. They are all pretty much things we've talked about together and are really on the same page about. I was worried that she would get deeper into specific parenting issues that we will have no idea how to respond to! But she didn't go there, yet.

At the meeting we also scheduled our next couple of meetings. First, we scheduled the home visit. It sounds like the gal we are working with will come visit our house one time - probably for no more than an hour. We will give her a tour and talk about our home environment. The day after that we will have separate hour-long interview meetings with her. So we better get our stories straight! Then I think that may be the last of the homestudy meetings, so that isn't too bad!

In the next few weeks we need to get fingerprinting done, have medical exams, and take a day long class. That is all doable. Then, there are some other things we need to get going on for our dossier. So…the ball is rolling!


Katie and Tony said...

I was just on adoption forums and saw your post. No, we don't know each other....but we are also in the beginning stages of adopting from Poland. We are not new to International adoption. We adopted our son from Russia and have been home almost a year. I must say, you have a VERY good handle on things and a fabulous outlook!

I would love to keep in touch with you! I'll private email you on the adoption forums page with my email address (and our blog).

Hope to talk to you soon!

Jessi said...

Hey Jen,

We are adopting in Poland and we are about your age...we are both 31. I would love to discuss with you your process if you need too...I have a blog...but we are waiting until it is over to post our news!

I remember being where you are at! It is sooooo worth it!