Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And So We Begin!

And we're off. Today we put our application in the mail. We are officially adopting from Poland! After battles with infertility, we have committed to becoming parents the long distance way. Pushing disappointments aside with great fervor, we have determined that there is a child out there who needs a good home. And a good home we've got!

Through my research I've relied on others' blogs. I enjoy the stories, pictures, and experiences and I have learned so much from those who have traveled this road before us. Because of this, and for therapeutic reasons, I decided I must keep a blog myself. Besides, isn't the journey to a child a great thing to document? It can also be a good way to keep our family and friends in the loop.

So I start the blog today, the day we sent in our application to the adoption agency. I could have started it a year ago, or more, when we began our research and search. But today seems very appropriate. It is like the beginning of a race, the day you find out you are pregnant, or the day you win the lottery. It is today that the process begins, and today is the day that we can genuinely begin to be excited about what lies ahead.

Today is truly an out of the ordinary day. Not only because we mailed the application in - we have been working on that for some time and had it notarized yesterday for sending in today. I went to the doctor today, and it looks like I very well may have had a miscarriage. Or rather, that I may effectively be having one now. I'll spare the details, except to say that I've had a very long and disconcerting period, which is still not gone.

To make a long story short, the fertility doctor gave me birth control. Yes - the doctor who was trying to help me get pregnant, gave me birth control to help get my cycle back on track. Funny. Normally I would have taken the diagnosis and prescription, walked out the door to my car, closed the door and start crying immediately. But today was different. I have this peace about my female plumbing issues that I didn't have before. My issues may or may not resolve, but in the meantime, I'm OK with it all.

To top today off, I had my favorite tomato soup for lunch and a great latte. Better than that, I have the most amazing bouquet of flowers on my desk! They are a thank you from Tessa, with whom I work. They were totally a surprise and out of the blue - but I'll say, she couldn't have picked a better day! They are extremely georgrous and fragrant. All of the gals on the floor are jealous and curious.

There is much more I could write about. Specifics about the adoption process, details about fertility issues, thoughts about motherhood, etc. But this is enough for today. After all, it is only day 1.

I will say that I am very blessed. Blessed that I have a completely compatible husband with the same priorities as me and the warmest hugs in the world. Blessed that my parents and brother are always there to support me and us, and love us. Blessed that Ryan's family is so warm and open and loving. Blessed that I have old and new friends to confide in and be a confidant to. Beyond that are a million other things I am thankful for...I'm sure I'll get to a few of them.

But for now, we are off on our journey to be parents to a child that waits 5150 miles away (give or take) in an orphanage in Poland. More later...

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